Rocky point trail work day



March 6th.  Overcast, late winter, Still dark, Cold.   Sunday morning Greg and Jeff met up at 6:45 to get a quick ride in before starting work.   Whose idea was this?  Jeff blamed greg, Greg blamed jeff.  After a quick ride to get their old muscles warmed up, they headed over to the trail head where  to Sean was supposed to meet them.  Go paniagua!  A crowd had gathered to figure out who was going to do what.


This was the CLIMB annual trail maintenance work party.  Sean wondered to himself “Is this really their idea of party?”.  Every season before the Rocky point trails opened up for public use a group lead by CLIMB organizes an event to help fix the trails.

All paniaguans in attendance were put in the same group of 6 and they headed out to get to work for a 2 hour tour.  5 hours later they were almost finished.  They worked on several black diamond trails.  Jeff, refused to work on anything but.  Fixing some old log jams,  cleaning debris from drainage ditches.  The team also build a new 10 foot log jam which Greg was particularly proud of.  Digging , Hauling logs, complaining , laughing.  Paniaguans took part in all of it.  It was a hard day of work and well worth the effort.

Greg was kind enough to give a quote “Having lunch in the parking lot and talking with the other volunteers you start to  learn what a great bunch of people that make up our cycling community.  My paniagua teammates and I are happy to volunteer our time whenever possible.  If I had not joined this team I probably would not done this.  Thanks Paniagua.

Well said Greg.  And thanks to everyone who participated

Next time you ride the rocky point trails don’t forget that those trails don’t maintain themselves (and don’t forget to visit our sponsor Rocky Point cycles).  Its take a community to keep the trails in riding condition.  the trails officially open for riding

Consider pitching in next time.



Sean’s Rear end


A Big log


Greg before his morning coffee


Rocky point cycle






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