Steve Paoletti

Steve P
AGE: 47 (old-ish)
Height: 5’9” (short-ish)
Weight: 185 lbs (XL-ish in these small girly man jerseys)
Hometown: East Setauket, NY
Family: Wife Heidi, Daughter Lily, Son Noah
Bikes: Trek Super3y, Burly Tandem Rock’n’roll, Trek Madone
I bought a Mongoose Rockadile in 1992 and used to ride Rocky Point with my buddies and a
pack of smokes. That didn’t last long but I did drag the bicycle wherever I lived to collect dust.
2007 a friend invited me to do the NY 5 Borough Ride and I had a blast. Quit smoking in August
of 2008 and started doing local races Carl Hart Cathedral Pines, all the Schiff Scout Races and
even learned how to swim to compete in Triathlons. I never win, place or show but I do have
fun and it keeps me motivated. This year I’m going to do the Leadville 100 and will be raising
money for Autism Speaks. Looking forward to the challenge!!!