Ed Alt


Started Racing in the mid 90’s after catching the MTB bug while going to college in New Paltz . Took ten years off and then started back up about five years ago with endurance races.

Hometown:  Ridge, NY
Category:  Cat 2 Mountain, Cat 5 Road
Race Strength:  Rolling technical courses
Weapon of choice: Depends on the day, RDO, RLT, Eriksen Ti road
Why do you race:  To ride some cool places and enjoy some beers with some great people.
Coolest place you’ve ever ridden: D2R2 some amazing New England back roads.
Accomplishments for 2015:

Second Place Cat2 40-50 Six hours at Cathedral Pines.
6:30 finish at the Bearscat 50
Finishing a couple of centuries
5:25 finish at the VT50
Riding the Windham rock `garden clean.
Goals for 2016:
Finish another Bearscat 50
Sub 5 hour finish at the VT50
Ride Peri’s 200 mile endurance loop when he has it mapped out
Spend more time hitting the trails with the family.
Rid e a thousand more miles than last year