Greg Silano



Name: Greg Silano

Age: 48

Hometown: Mount Sinai

Family: Married 20 yrs with 2 children

Discipline: Road, Mtb, CX, Fat Bike

Favorite Discipline: Still not sure

Cat: 2­3 Mtb

Cat: 5 Road

Goals for 2016: To ride and race more and to get my son out on his mountain bike more this year.


I took my 1st bike ride in 1971 and continued to dabble with riding for the next decade or so. After straying from the bike for awhile I was looking for a way to get in shape and allow myself to continue enjoying good beer and food(2 of my favorite things). A good friend suggested I come mountain biking with him and some friends, i was instantly hooked. That was approximately 14 yrs ago and in that time I have made some great friends in the cycling community and on this team who somehow trick me into entering races even when I try avoiding them and I wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe this year I’ll try and enter more races without any prodding