Jeremy Zeidner



Jeremy is a middle age human male. A native long islander with no discernible accent. When not riding his bike he spends his days writing software in various flavors and working on websites like the one you are reading now. He lives with his girlfriend who also is obsessed with bikes and their three dogs.

I learned very late in life that you are NOT supposed to wear underwear with cycling shorts. Don’t make the same mistake I did!!


He started racing as a junior way back in the early 90’s then his legs got sore. After a 25 year recovery break he got back into racing and joined up with the team. Originally only doing road racing , he was terrified of trees and hated to get dirty, the paniagua boys introduced him to mountain bikes and that was way more fun. Then he found cyclocross and that was less fun , but he decided that pain and suffering was really his thing and now focuses on cross racing. He still races all disciplines and loves to ride on the road , trail , dirt and the occasional trainer session.

I used to think having more than one bike was crazy. Now I have 7.


Cat 4 Road

Cat 3 Cyclocross

Cat 3 Mountain

Racing highlights:

Muddy Tire 2014,2015 1st place cat 3
Bubble Cross 2015 masters 1st place
Westwood Velo NJ state championship 2015 1st place


Race lo-lights:

Rumble in the jungle. got my butt kicked.