Mark Jakubowski

Pic for JZ
Mark is a converted Lacrosse player who turned to cycling after multiple ACL surgeries. With the help of his teammate Tom and Tom’s wife Jill he learned what it means to try and ride a bike fast! Thanks to cycling Mark met his girlfriend, The Yellow Bandit!
Starting out as a mountain biker he learned that to get fast in the wood you need to train hard on the road. Now he loves all disciplines of cycling.
A great piece of advice- get used to riding the trainer when living in NY!
Road: Cat 4
MTB: Cat 1
Cyclocross; SLOW
2012 NYC Spring Bike Race 2nd place
2012 Freedom Tour Crit 2nd place
2012 Hunter Mountain Fall Classic RR 1st place
2013 Round Top Rally XC 1st place 30-39
2013 Hunter Mountain Spring Classic RR 2nd place
2013 Leadville Trail 100
2013 Mt Hood Cycling Classic Stage Race
2014 Muddy Tire 2nd place Cat 1 30-39
2015 = hip surgery