Michael Dilaurenzio

Where's my kit?

Where’s my kit?

Some say he rides his bike way too much. Others? not so much. Regardless, he puts in a fair amount of time in the saddle and enjoys the time on the road. He claims his favorite sound is the sound of wheels rolling on some good pavement on a quiet morning.

While there are no real mountains in the local area, riding on the north shore of Long Island, you cannot avoid some of those short, sharp climbs. Avoiding them at first, he eventually embraced them in a sick, sort of punishing way. After a few years of just riding around, he was persuaded to do one of those Kreb’s Friday Night races. One race led to another and so began the racing career. Competing in the New Jersey Cup Time Trial Series (Eddie Merckx category), he is looking to improve on last year’s numbers. At this point, he says, “it is just about getting stronger as a rider” and claims on a good day he will finish mid pack… and DFL on not such a good day. Any race finished upright though is okay with him.

Going forward he is looking to add some more road races to his resume and perhaps riding on some non-paved surfaces as well. It is still unclear how he ended up on a team with a bunch of mountain bikers.