Peri Garite



He started racing bikes about 10 years ago and in the past 7 years his focus shifted to Ultra Endurance mountain bike events.

Hometown:  Lake Grove NY
Category:  Cat 1 Mountain
Race Strength:  Ultra Endurance
Weapon of choice: Salsa Beargrease
Why do you race:  Enjoy the adventure, challenges, sense of accomplishment and the awesome cycling community.
Coolest place you’ve ever ridden: Pinhoti trail in northern Georgia


Accomplishments for 2015:

Ripping singletrack with my 3 year old.
177 mile point to point from Bridgeport CT to Glen Falls NY
8:41 finish at the Wilderness 101 stop of the NUE series.
5:06 finish at the VT50
Tour of Battenkil
Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) 350 mile race
Goals for 2016:
Repeat attempt at the Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA) 350 mile race
Sub 5 hour finish at the VT50
Complete 275 miles of the Adirondack Mountain Loop. (Shooting to compete in the September 2017 race event consisting of the full 550)
Cold weather riding and survival preparation. Got the Iditabike 350 in my 2018 sights..
Create 200 mile local endurance loop consisting of local trails, woodland roads, high tension wires and local roads.
Your only lost if you have some place to be!