Tom Barile



I started racing bikes when I was 12 years old at the Shoreham BMX track. I’ve been involved in the bicycle industry for the last 15 years working for bicycle shops and bicycle companies. Over the past 13 years I have been lucky enough to experience every discipline of cycling.

Hometown:  Port Jefferson NY
Category:  Cat 1 Mountain
Race Strength:  Unknown
Weapon of choice: Anything with 2 wheels
Why do you race:  I really don’t know it’s just something I need to do.
Coolest place you’ve ever ridden: Moab Utah

Biggest Accomplishments on a bike:

Leadville Trail 100 2013
Hunter Mountain Spring Classic road race 1st place
5:20 finish at the VT50
5 First Place finishes at the SWE 6 Hour race
2x Cat 1 fist place finishes at the muddy tire MTB race
Being part of a great race team!
Future Goals:
Watch my son compete in his first bicycle race this spring
Teach my daughter to ride a bike.
Continue to do new races
Leadville again!
Compete in a multi-day stage race
Be a good role model and teammate.
Have fun and get better.

Never Stop Pedaling!